Track your expenses, fast and on-the-go! ⚡

Imagine Ivy Wallet as a manual expense tracker that will replace the good old spreadsheet for managing your personal finance.
Why Ivy Wallet?
Discover, explore and visualize data to maximize your growth.

Completely Open Source
We believe that people (not only corporations) can create innovative, open-source, and free software that can make the world a better place.
Easy to set-up and use
Ivy Wallet's biggest advantage is its UI/UX, simplicity, and customization which was recognized in the Top/Best Android App in 2021/2022 charts 10+ times by the YouTube tech community.
Finances Easy to Read
Our innovative design, coupled with a fast and responsive codebase makes the app easy and quick to use.
Completely Free*
There are no hidden fees or charges - there is nothing* to pay to use the app. We currenly run on donation model. *this may change in the future